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How efficient is current central Bolivian government?

Current political party in government is over six years in power, the current leader for the chapare coca growers, who is also our president keeps saying he is learning about the problems, about the solutions; in fact he shows a peculiar style to “market” himself to the people who are willing to take his word. It is extremely worrisome to have an executive government who happens to control the Legislative and Judicial powers, react and perform in such a way that is throwing away our best economic boom ever; we got loan foregone and the prices of our commodities reached their peaks. Of course, we didn’t capture more markets, nor increased our production. We managed to crumble our food production and we import food and fuels. The crude reality is becoming a nightmare and there is no foreseeable improvement over the short run.

So, lets take a glance to Bolivian newspapers’ and see the perception of the public; over this government’s ability to bring solutions to Bolivian society, these cartoons speak for themselves:

From La Razon, May 24, 2012:

Sign reads “social housing project” For almost six years since this government took control of the executive branch of the former Bolivian Republic, one of their electoral offers was to provide affordable housing to poor families… Santa Cruz and other cities showed some of the initial drawbacks and to date, there isn’t much to offer…


From El Diario, May 25, 2012:

An ever-increasing number, over the last few years, of Police Force General Commanders appear desecrating their institution. An unusual and sudden shifts of the leadership among the higher ranks of the Bolivian Police Force, due to corruption allegations, and political moves have crumbled this institution, while crime, narcotrafficking and violence are rampant nationwide.


From El Diario, May 26, 2012:

A dialogue:

– “the ‘evo’ has named some of their congress people [Assembly]… as ‘chuteros congress people” [chutero is the cruceño [Santa Cruz slang] nickname given to people who smuggle illegal cars into Bolivia]

– “… good nickname!… for those who entered the country thousands of tons of ‘junk’”

Some of Bolivian cities are almost in the verge of collapsing their street traffic. Huge overload of used, polluting vehicles have entered, some regarded as junk in their countries of origin, and some stolen from neighboring countries.

I think if current president has some knowledge of corruption, he should instruct law to be enforced and jail those found guilty, instead of informally accusing them at a speaking events, as is his practice. Bolivia does not need bad-mouthing; we need to send to jail those corrupt public officials.

From Los Tiempos, May 28, 2012:

person: “Avernoy, OAS is leaving [Brazilian company who was hired to build the road that would cut the TIPNIS] and the road to Beni paralyzes, and it looks like Jindal will cease to operate El Mutun. isn’t that a bad signal?”

avernoy: “that only forces to place things in order, mate, that is to study new routes, respecting indigenous rights and with costs that should be made public, regarding to the road. And with El Mutun, to know how much gas is available and bid again.”

kid: “so, do things as they should be”

dog: “with entrepreneurial reasoning and not political, kid!”