2012 Baroque Festival, come to Santa Cruz!!!

Leyla Anas reports for El Deber, this wonderful event!!

Yesterday, the Association pro art and culture (APAC) marked the counting of the countdown for the IX International Festival of Renaissance and Baroque Music, American Missions of Chiquitos.

At a press conference, its top executives reported that the music festival will take place from April 26 to May 6.

During 11 days, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, chiquitanos peoples as it is tradition and this year for the first time, Villa Montes (Tarija) will be the headquarters of concerts of casts from 17 countries, 19 international groups and 31 Bolivians.

The artistic director of the festival, Piotr Nawrot highlighted the level of competitiveness achieved in 2012 by the national casts as a feature of this festival, so three of them occupy dates and stellar schedules in the program: Ensable Chiquitano (new men) and Pentagram Chiquitano, both directed by Antoine Duhamel and Rubén Darío Suárez Arana; and the Orchestra and Chorus of Moxos, with the baton of Raquel Maldonado.

Administrative, APAC director, Marcelo Arauz stressed that this year joined the festival more local companies (cruceñas) with economic support, which he applauded, but summoned citizens to maintain their support beyond the dates of the program, because the promotion of training occurs throughout the year and shows its results during the festival.

Cecilia Kenning, APAC President, pointed out that this version has a budget ceiling of $ 200,000.

-Countries represented. Austria will come for the first time. In addition, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Guatemala, Holland, Japan, Paraguay, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Uruguay, United States and Bolivia. Their groups will give more than 100 concerts at 13 different venues.

-Co-productions and soloists. The Festival has a new feature, the staging of the Opera San Ignacio. Also, the presentation of four co-productions and solo flute, violin, organ, key and flute.


This is an incredible event and kudos go to all people involved! This is a clear proof of our undeniable heritage, mestizo people who benefit from both indigenous and western civilization culture. Undeniably, the International Festival of Renaissance and Baroque Music, American Missions of Chiquitos is proudly a part of the Hall of Bolivian Fame.

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