Bolivia should follow Brazil’s & Argentina’s economic policies

Humberto Vacaflor wrote the following article, a warning on our governmental’s economic policies:

Nearby noises

Argentina finds it difficult to pay with dollars for liquefied natural gas (LNG) they purchase from overseas and the Government of Mrs. Cristina Fernandez is implementing monetary restrictions to prevent the way out of $. [American dollars]

Brazil, on the other hand, tightened its tax for foreign loans policy because they don’t want the massive income of $ flow to [force them to] devalue the Real [Brazilian currency].

Imports of LNG that makes Argentina are very expensive. One million BTU costs around $17, while they pay around $10 for Bolivian gas.

But it has managed [Argentina] to negotiate with some providers to pay for the LNG in soy or its derivatives, allowing them to cover, with less trouble, the $ 4 billion that will cost [to Argentina] the content of 80 vessels which will come this year to Bahía Blanca and Escobar. And, incidentally, Argentina will also be placing their products.

In the Brazilian case, the concern is that the Government of Mrs. Dilma Rousseff wants to promote the growth of exports, although at this time they are receiving a barrage of imports which are brought back by the thousands of Brazilian tourists who have become the most lavish of all tourists in the world.

In short, Argentina and Brazil are making efforts to encourage exports. Brazil has decided not to devalue the Real because they do not want Brazilian products to become even more expensive for foreigners.

These are measures that the Bolivian Government certainly does not understand because they are doing exactly the opposite with their tax and monetary measures.

Apart from that detail, the news from Argentina shows that country is taking measures to reduce the high cost of their imports of natural gas. It is offering to pay in produce.

All these nearby noises of monetary and tax rate policies would have to make meditate the Bolivian government.

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