Chile fails to honor 1904 Treaty with Bolivia

Los Tiempos published Abi report about problems of the Bolivian heavy load transport through Chile:

The President of the International Transportation Chamber in El Alto, Gustavo Rivadeneira, on Monday said there is an “slow” reaction of the Chancellery of Bolivia of the continuous abuse of the Chile border authorities against this heavy load transport sector.

“The actions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I imagine that for diplomatic reasons, it is very slow, but;” “However the prejudice that is getting is quite large and not only for the transport, also for Bolivian foreign trade”, told to the reporters.

Rivadeneira denounced that in recent days 120 trailers and trucks were stopped by the Road Control of  Chile and [those vehicles] returned to Bolivian territory by lack of an “unjustified” permission and in violation of the Peace Treaty and Friendship signed between both countries in 1904.

This document sets out in one of its articles, that Chile recognized in perpetuity for Bolivia “the most comprehensive and free right of transit trade through its territory” and ports along the Pacific coast.

However, Rivadeneira said that “Chile is constantly violating the Treaty of 1904 and has taken reprisals after the statements of the Government (of Evo Morales) to go to the international tribunals for the settlement of the maritime problem”.

In addition, he clarified that occasional permits demanded by the authorities of the neighboring country does not correspond to the Bolivian cargo that comes or goes overseas, but only to the goods of Chilean origin.

Bolivia lost its sovereign access to the Pacific in a territorial war with Chile in 1879. Since then, Bolivia has claimed for a solution of this problem that affects [our] development.

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