A useless Bolivian government holiday and its politics’ style

I remember a Vietnamese friend, we developed a friendship despite our political and economical views, who described that he and his wife worked for their government from Monday thru Saturday, more than 10 hours per day; on Sunday they worked for their own kid, to save for his education and health. The whole population was forced to work, and they did. Well, that was going on during the mid 90’s, and you can see now how Vietnam has reinserted in the global economy. Here, to our misfortune, we only have political speeches and useless holidays that prevent us from growing as an economy in this ever-increasing competitive world.

This cartoon from La Razon, January 7, 2012. Shows how the political summit was being placed by ruling government, after the December 2010 social summit, which was basically a meeting of party members. Real social reps from all around the country were not present at that gathering as they were not invited or as previous allies remained isolated as they were fighting with governmental policies. The political summit was in fact prepared to show current president didn’t lose credibility and was still accepted by the majority of the Bolivian population; while the opposition “invited” had trouble and have an agenda that would serve the purpose for such meeting.

This cartoon shows what happened at the summit, the old band player and current Bolivian president wanted everyone to accept everything in his agenda and thus validating his form of government and policies which are nothing but a huge ugly smoke cloud. So, opposition leaders left said summit and the world witnessed, one more time, how current Bolivian government intends to play politics…

This cartoon appeared in El Diario, January 20, 2012.

Yesterdar, Sunday January 22, 2012, current president… well, for those of you who may wonder why do I never write his name and label him as current, is simply because I know he will not be our president forever and for all the things he and his party have done to our society, making us fight among each other, and breaking the sense of unity and nationality, I decided not to use, nor mention him directly, I will not give him the pleasure of being addressed as such by yours truly.

As I was saying before, current president spoke at length in the style of the old Cuban Castro and the most demagogic and Latin-American caudillos… spoke for over three hours and his main “wisdom” was summarized in El Deber’s website as:

1. He wants another satellite, now he wants one that could “assess” our natural resources… he is always saying he is learning… and we are well in the sixth year of his ruling and continues to learn to our expense. Bolivia needs leaders who push things rather than spending our scarce resources in goodies like a satellite, when that information is already available. I mean, we haven’t had a major earthquake, nor had we lost the river flows dramatically to envision some changes. Minerals and hydrocarbons under our feet, were there hundreds of years before any human set foot on this part of the world, and that is not going to change. So, why do we keep on spending on useless technology just to make him learn what we have?

2.  He labelled as one of the goals to have an international airport in every single department of Bolivia. He must think we are larger than the former USSR or we are like the USA with different time zones and with coast on different Oceans… has he or anyone inside the government realized how large and what type of tourism we have? or what is the flow of international businesses we are embarked upon to have SO many useless international airports? It is just not logic, it only portrays easy words for an audience who may believe that is progress or something that Bolivia really needs.

3. Continued with some accusations and also with justifications over the ‘statized’ companies’ performances.

So, people of the world, see what is going on with our current government, as I was questioning in earlier posts, now is clear, this government continues to think they are doing well and are not preparing our beloved country for the international economic crisis that will begin to have an impact inside Bolivia.

Today, while we were forced to accept and take this holiday, people like my Vietnamese friend continue to work out there…

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