Bolivian alpaca products continue to reach the USA!

The alpaca producers say their exports to the U.S. rose even without the ATPDEA, but at the same time exporting became more expensive due to the existing tariffs. They regret that their Peruvian peers grow more due to the benefit of not having to pay taxes of hospitalization. [so, the situation is bad, with the ATPDEA could have been better; sometimes I get the feeling people do not complain too much because they fear some sort of retaliation? I suspect current government exerts a de-facto pressure on producers like these or sugar producers; in Bolivia people are afraid to speak, because current government spends a lot of time and resources going after to what they perceive as enemies; instead of helping generate more income, thus more taxes at the end and happier people]

The Vice President of the Chamber of Exporters (CAMEX), Larry Serrate, said that “with or without ATPDEA we have to continue exporting because, to begin with, we can not allow further loss of jobs and, second, Peru is a very aggressive competitor and we are beginning to lose our USA natural market [to the Peruvians]. ”

He argued that exporters now absorb a portion of the taxes that were added from the withdrawal of benefits being offered by the Andean Trade Preference Agreement (ATPDEA, for its acronym in English), but “it would be easier to have that agreement”.

In recent days, the governments of the United States and Bolivia engaged in renewed bilateral relationships [you can read about it in], interrupted three years ago, and decided to exchange ambassadors, so that exporters expect this treaty will improve the trade between both countries. [thus, ATPDEA will be restored; a bit naive but hope that is not only with these producers but by people like me; it would be highly desirable, unfortunately, the following day the accord was signed, current Bolivian vice-president gave his customary speech, DEA will not be allowed in Bolivia… so, how could the ATPDEA include Bolivia again, not only an oxymoron but political moves this government does, as part of their major role to control everything and to despise the USA and the free enterprise; while in the meantime this government’s allies like Venezuela, Iran do little or anything to prevent job loses and bankruptcies on the incipient and fragile Bolivian private industrial sector]

On the other hand, Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Export Ajata Huascar, said yesterday that “all markets are important, but remember that exports to the United States doubled in the last five years without ATPDEA or TLC. In Latin America the country with the highest growth in exports to the United States is Bolivia.” [sounds and reads so incredible! and I have to reiterate all previous comments in brackets like this one, above]

It is hard to be an entrepreneur in Bolivia, all of you who do it, please do not dismay, things will have to change for the better, we cannot go further down, we simply cannot.

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