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400 Bolivian families can now export yarn to France

El Diario reports:

EU funded innovative project

400 families export yarn to France

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.04.46 AMA unique project which has European cooperation, seek to open export markets for 3,500 families in five departments that produce camelids. A simple spinning wheel driven by a motor improve the quality and productivity of spinning.

A first batch of 400 motor spinning wheels to equal number of women artisans from the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba, Oruro, Potosi and Tarija will close a first yarn export high quality alpaca and llama market of France. The beneficiaries came from various towns in the country that have camelid cattle and can quadruple their productivity and generate income for their families.


The kilo of export products resulting from this project, promoted by the European Union, is quoted at FOB prices at Bs280.00 per kilo, whereas in the past its value did not exceed Bs140.00 due to the use of handmade spinning wheels that recorded little capacity for one course skein according to international standards. The demand is concentrated fo the moment on spinning alpaca, llama and sheep of high quality for export. In the case of llama, they selected the “Thampulli” variety and “Baby” variety for alpaca raw material.


The Minister of the Economic Section of the Delegation of the European Union in Bolivia, Juan Planas, said it was good to see how the funds are used, financed by the organization, which aim to facilitate the life of the Bolivian population.

Planas said that the delivery of the spinning wheels is a first phase of the project, as the European Union also finances complementary projects for the delivery of machines for cleaning wool and remove impurities, and then to the weaving machine.

“We support these projects so that Bolivia could export fiber that can have a better value in international markets,” he said.


“The delivery of electronic spinning wheels is given to the winners of the competitive fund being conducted by Proex, as a government with the support of the European Union in the first phase we made the delivery of 400 spinning wheels that will benefit the same number of artisan families in five departments of the country,” said Marco Antonio Ibáñez, director of the Program on the Promotion of Growth and Diversification of Exports (Proex). The ceremony to deliver these equipment took place in the Camacho plaza, in the framework of a fair organized by the sponsoring organizations and the beneficiaries themselves.


Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.28.07 AMHe said that with the delivery of machinery, the work of women artisans who provide for their homes with that work will be improved, because they can increase production by 400%, since before the manually spinning sector did 50 grams per day and now will spin a kilo of thread per day.

“Our spinners allow us to spin one kilogram of yarn per day, before it took five days. Each beneficiary will deliver 2.5 kilos a week to collect the products with a view to export,” said Brenny Ugarte, project coordinator in the department of Cochabamba, developed in the town of Cocapata, a distance of 90 km north of the valley capital.


She also noted that the quality and homogeneity of the yarn that is expected to be produced with the spinners, an export market will be open that fairly remunerate the sector, as the value of the yarn will increase from Bs140 to Bs300 per kilo.

The project has an investment of Bs1,120,000 of which 80 percent Bs896,000, is government counterpart, funded by the European Union and the balance by the beneficiaries.

The spinning wheels were designed and built with support from the National Institute of Industrial Technology [Inti] of Argentina. This simple kit helps improve the spinning process achieving a high quality product aimed at export markets.


I am happy to see that the international cooperation continues to deliver, despite of everything else… Bolivian people need this type of assistance!