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Sao Paulo forum, a very high price for Bolivia

A remarkable Editorial from Pagina Siete, picture from the internet:

Given the warning that President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil made a few days ago, in the sense that President Evo Morales should not travel to Venezuela (new headquarters of the Sao Paulo forum), if he supports Nicolás Maduro – turned into a dictator in Venezuela -, the national government, considering the seriousness of the issue, dodged of the issue.

Vice President Álvaro García Linera, using a hackneyed an excuse for these trances, indicated that President Morales was a little “sick”; that is to say, he had a diplomatic cold for which he could not attend Caracas, although in the previous forums, he was always in the front.

It is curious the expression used by the vice president, because only children are “little sick”, the elderly do not deserve to be given such infant treatment. Suffice it to say that he was extremely cold or had a severe headache, which prevented him from talking to his friends at ALBA this time.

Until then, the pretext served to get out of the way, but not being able to unfasten the ideological vest and think first about the country’s problems, it was decided to send Mrs. Juanita Ancieta, better known in our environment for her performance in the Indigenous Fund together with Mrs. Nemesia Achacollo, where the country lost millions of dollars and former Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca, who still serves as general secretary of ALBA, although no government has even tried to volunteer to give him even an office.

But in any case, with these people Bolivia has officially returned to support with enthusiasm reflected in the statements and television notes to Mr. Nicolás Maduro, considered today, as the fiercest dictator of the continent, responsible according to the United Nations report, signed by the former president Michelle Bachelet of Chile, head of the United Nations Office of Human Rights, of 7,000 summary executions of her opponents for 18 months and also responsible for the exodus of four million Venezuelans that in the absence of food, medicine and citizen security, they have preferred to go to other countries. Many of these Venezuelans have walked thousands of kilometers, even to our cities, where they offer the most painful spectacle for them to have to reach out, asking for alms to feed their children and put something in their mouths.

Not only the Venezuelan regime is ruthless, but of an ineptitude and incompetence that have become legendary, since driving for 20 years for Chavismo – all this began with Commander Hugo Chávez -, the extreme has been reached, according to the report of the FAO, that in the richest country in South America’s resources, 21 million inhabitants go hungry, that is, they don’t have to eat daily.

It is to this man that the Bolivian Government stubbornly supports the argument that – as the forum attendees repeatedly stated – all the blame is on the American empire. The forum was created by the Workers’ Party, led by former president Lula Da Silva, in 1990. Lula is today imprisoned with a sentence of more than 10 years for corruption and the periodic meetings of the forum have served only to ensure that its attendees take a vacation and raise their hands disciplinedly to condemn the empire.

Bolivian support for the forum and Maduro can have a very high cost: Bolivia’s non-access to Mercosur and, therefore, to the European Union market, with which a treaty is ready. The non-acceptance of Brazil to the transoceanic train project would make the advanced agreements with other countries useless, since the only decisive support for it is the Brazilian. Finally, the renewal of the gas sale agreement with Bolivia, now released by the Brazilian Government to private or state companies that are not willing to pay the prices before or the volumes that our country sold, is mired in greater uncertainty.

Having seen all this, was it worth sending Mrs. Juanita Ancieta?