The slow agony of Bolivian natural gas

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario, graph from the internet:

Memories of the present

Slow agony of gas

It is sad to attend a funeral when some of the relatives are partying. Some cultures usually do the party, but after the burial. Before the death nobody does parties. What would the dying say.

And that is happening with the slow agony of Bolivian natural gas that has relatives willing to celebrate with the argument that everything is fine, just because they are in an election campaign.

Argentina and Brazil apply fines because Bolivia cannot send the requested volumes, but here it is insisted that we are on a sea of ​​gas that nobody sees, perhaps because it is very low, almost at the antipodes.

All this gives for a comedy of errors, of contradictions that should be ashamed, but the rush of the campaign leaves no time for anything.

YPFB says that gas production is 41 million m3 / d, but then it has to correct, due to higher office requirements, and say that it reaches 58 million.

The order was wrong, they should have said that the production is 69 million, because that gives the sum of 35 million for Brazil, 20 for Argentina and 14 for domestic consumption.

But because of the rush of the campaign, nobody thought about the figures or put the calculator to work. Or fingers

The truth is that the production is in 34 million, according to the figures of the government of Tarija, confirmed by those of Santa Cruz.

Carlos Miranda says in a column of opinion that Bolivia has been exporting gas since 1972, almost half a century, and it cannot be that those who now run that business are so clumsy. The country with the greatest experience in exporting gas has put some inexperienced people in the business management who also lie.

In Tarija, the department that has produced the most gas in the history of Bolivia, there are long faces due to the death of that industry. And faces of anger because the justice of the current government has released a former governor who even stole the piggy banks.

In the rest of the country the instruction of the Minister of Economy is disseminated that governments, mayors and universities must forget the HDI, because it has died, along with the gas.

All this in the middle of the revelry made by those who must spread the lie that we have never had so much gas before.

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