Tribunal warns about the negative effects of Polygon 7 for the TIPNIS

Los Tiempos reports:

The former president of the Constituent Assembly of Ecuador and current member of the Court of Defense of the Rights of Nature, Alberto Acosta, warned from Quito that the Polygon 7, inhabited by colonizing peasants, constitutes a worrisome threat for the indigenous people and for the conservation of the Indigenous Territory and Isiboro-Sécure National Park (Tipnis).

Acosta was part of the commission that arrived in Bolivia in August of last year and visited the Tipnis.

The report suggests that the Court of Defense of the Rights of Nature establish a ruling against the Government of Bolivia.

“Polygon 7 has become not a threat, but a problem for the Tipnis. The expansion of the border of Polygon 7 comes hand in hand with deforestation, destruction of soil and water, coca crops, many of them are used to feed the drug traffic,” said Acosta.

He made known his concern for the subjugation that the indigenous people could be victims by the peasants who produce coca leaf.

“The indigenous communities in Polygon 7 have been in one way or another subordinated by the logic of the coca growers,” he said.


  • Alberto Acosta assured that, for all the information that the commission gathered, it can be concluded that the Bolivian Government also failed to comply with the entire procedure established for prior consultation.

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