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Division and waste in 13 years of government

El Diario reports:

Evaluation of politicians

  • Despite the economic boom in the price of raw materials in the international market, corruption tainted government management and health was the most affected, according to the binomial “Bolivia says No”
  • President Evo Morales, on completing 13 years of continuous government, announced that he will provide a report on the results of his administration, referring to economic and social issues

On 13 years of the government of President Evo Morales, both politicians and leaders opposed to the Movement to Socialism (MAS) consider that this continuous period was characterized by the waste of public resources and a deep division among Bolivians.

Despite the economic boom due to the price of raw materials in the international market, corruption prevailed and the health sector was the most affected, in the opinion of the binomial “Bolivia says No”.

“The health sector was the most neglected sector, something unforgivable, because people continue with the same old hospitals, where the equipment is deficient and they fulfilled their cycle; the Constitution says that you should have free health and it was not fulfilled,” said the senator and candidate for vice president of the alliance of “Bolivia said No,” said Edwin Rodriguez.

The Government intends to get rid of the problem, arguing that it is the responsibility of departmental governments, the issue of hospitals, but the competencies of departmental governments began between 2010 and 2011; and the Government already had about five or six years prior to be able to attend to basic aspects, he specified.

For the ex-leader of the organization of young Yungueños and current activist of 21F, Franz Gallegos, with the government of Evo Morales there was much expectation, that’s why the National Council of the Youth was created; however, the MAS only took care to divide the social organizations.

On the other hand, the president, through his Twitter account, announced that he will report the results of his government’s 13 years, especially on economic and social issues. On January 22 of last year he presented a similar report. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: 13 years and over $160 billion dollars wasted under the worst ochlocracy ever! Over 1,000 Bolivians that had to flee the country due to political persecution; National Parks under peril of cocaine production and loss of biodiversity; blooming narcotraffick and rampant corruption are the only highlights of this cheap demagogue caudillo … not a single sustainable job was generated and NO important investments were made … Bolivia lost to populism and socialism … enough!]