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UN warns of increased drug trafficking in Bolivia

El Diario reports:

The representative of the international organization in our country, Thierry Rostan, asked to strengthen the presence of Bolivian anti-drug forces mainly in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz

Representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Bolivia, Thierry Rostan, during the press conference held yesterday [01/25/2019] in this city.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) warned yesterday about the risk of increased drug trafficking in Bolivia, during the presentation of the report on the destruction of drugs seized in the country in 2018.

The international agency Efe published that the report, presented in this city by the representative of Unodc in Bolivia, Thierry Rostan, was expressed based on data from the Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office and the Special Force of the Fight against Drug Trafficking (Felcn) and that there are “risks” that drug trafficking activity can “increase”.

The document established that the amount of cocaine base destroyed in 2018 was 10,483 kilos, 24% lower than the 13,745 kilos in 2017.

The incineration and destruction of marijuana fell by 54%, from 18,692 kilos in 2017 to 8,584 kilos reported in 2018.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: It is about time that multilaterals like the UN and some bilaterals like Germany and the UK are starting to point out how narcotrafficking has bloomed since evo took office. As the bad cop [US Embassy in Bolivia] is no longer available, the rest of the world has been forced to start flagging what most Bolivians already know. For example, it is NO secret that there are dozens of Colombians driving motorcycles in our cities, offering daily loans at outrageous interest rates, laundering money, let alone numerous violent murders nation wide as a result of narcotrafficking, which also brought human trafficking. The Chapare region has become an independent zone where police can not patrol safely nor without telling what they intend to do … Bolivia under the leadership of the coca caudillo is slowly turning into a Somalia.