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Bolivia faces 2019 marked by electoral uncertainty

Gabriela Orozco reports for RFI:

Protester walks along with images of members of the Supreme Electoral Court during protest against the empowerment of Evo Morales for a new re-election, on December 31, 2018 in La Paz.
Source: Reuters.

Bolivia receives the new year in a hasty electoral environment, but also with political uncertainty ahead of the presidential elections of October 2019.

The authorization to Evo Morales to participate in the elections of October 2019 has advanced an electoral environment that will become increasingly evident and intense.

One of the questions is whether the primary elections are justified on January 27 when there are only single candidates in all cases.

According to many analysts, the purpose is to legitimize the candidacy of the governing party with strong support from its militancy. In any case, the militants represent only 20% of the electoral roll, 80% will not vote in the primaries.

As you know the ruling party appealed to an international treaty with the argument that re-election is a human right, after that in 2016, the population said NO to the amendment of the Constitution to enable the nomination of Evo Morales to a fourth presidential term that could leave him in power for more than 20 years.

Another uncertainty occurs in the Electoral Body where recently false records of militancy of hundreds of citizens were known, which showed disorder in the Electoral Roll. These irregularities and the evident alignment of the majority of the members of the Board with the ruling party, raise doubts about the upcoming elections.

There are 8 candidates, according to pre-electoral polls, Evo Morales and former President Carlos Mesa, are preferred, both with similar vote intention preferences.