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China aspires to world leadership … failing big time with this atrocious and barbaric “preferences”

El Diario reports:

Environmental activists

Conviction for killing jaguars is insufficient

Chinese citizens who sold skins and fangs of jaguars from Bolivia were sentenced to four and three years in prison.

The sentence of four and three years of imprisonment for the couple of Chinese citizens, traffickers of jaguar fangs and other pieces of wild animals, was qualified by activists as insufficient for all the environmental impact caused; however, they stated that precedents were set for similar cases.

The Chinese citizen, Li Ming, was sentenced by Judge Juan Coronado to four years in prison, and his partner Yin Lan, to three. Both were arrested in Santa Cruz in February, held by 185 jaguar tusks, as well as other pieces of wild animals.

The activist and member of the Coordinator for the Environment (Codapma), Alejandra Crespo, considered that this case revealed the existence of a trafficking mafia of parts of animals in danger of extinction.