Bolivians sent remittances to the country for $942 million dollars

El Diario reports:

January-September 2018


Bolivia received $942.6 million dollars for remittances sent, between January and September of this year, by its residents abroad, an amount that represented an increase of 0.2% over the same period of 2017, reported yesterday the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB).

The amount of remittances accumulated up to September was higher than the $940.6 million dollars corresponding to last year.

By country of origin, remittances came mainly from Spain (34.6%), the United States (18.6%), Argentina (12.8%), Chile (10.8%) and Brazil (9.8%).

Remittances came mainly to the departments of Santa Cruz (41.6%), Cochabamba (31.8%) and La Paz (13.4%).

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: I believe Bolivians abroad are brave, they have to live outside their homeland under extreme circumstances, heavy pressure, at times even racist persecution … still, they endure, work hard and send their hard-earned-money to their families, my kudos and respect to ALL Bolivians living abroad!

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