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Catholic Church considers that racism has worsened

ERBOL reports:

It warns a lot of intolerance

Father José Fuentes. Photo: Iglesia Viva.

The deputy secretary general of the Episcopal Conference of Bolivia, Father José Fuentes, considers that the problem of racism in the country during the process of change led by the current government has worsened, due to the increase in intolerance and the rejection that has arisen from some groups to others within society by various factors.

“I think we are worse off on this issue of racism. (…) There has been so much sowing of rejection from one group to another, intolerance against one another that I think we are in serious danger of confrontation because of this intolerance,” Father Fuentes said.

He gave as an example the warnings that exist in certain regions of the country so that opposition political parties do not enter to register militants or campaign.

“We hear all these days how in certain areas of the country it is not allowed for example that between another party, that all ideas come in, there is no exchange of ideas allowed and that is called fanaticism, and it is also a form of discrimination”, he said.

Father Fuentes acknowledged that the process of change led by Evo Morales brought positive aspects in the social as the inclusion of sectors that were previously relegated and could not, for example, access important public positions.

“The process of change in this time has brought enough inclusion of so many people that before we did not see them access to positions of government, positions of authority and that must be recognized. (…) We must congratulate the achievements, but we must also warn of dangers and threats that are there and that can make us suffer,” said the deputy secretary general of the Episcopal Conference.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Suffice to listen any speech that evo delivered over the last 12 years as the supreme ruler in Bolivia, to listen to his never-ending hatred, envy, resentment and delusional – demagogue autocratic behavior. Even his vicepresident compared this ludicrous “leader” with Jesus Christ … evo is afraid of losing power and facing trial over his inept and corrupt government: he needs to answer for the violent deaths as a result of his politics and repressive ruling; he must respond to the billionaire corruption and waste of public funding!