Daily Archives: November 19, 2018

We MUST stop evo and his corrupt party!

Bolivia closed the door for evo to run again for the fourth illegitimate and illegal nomination to the Bolivian presidency! The Referendum of February 21st, 2016 was won by the NO option, there are videos that show this pitiful caudillo and his vicepresident saying that they will obey what the people decided …


He destroyed the Republic’s institutionality over the last twelve years, when he had absolute control of ALL State powers … billions of dollars were wasted to accommodate to his leisure and pleasure … a poor country spending on palaces, VIP lounges, airplanes, helicopters and armored cars to transport this coca caudillo …

Now, he pushes relentlessly to be considered a candidate for the presidential election in late 2019. The above cartoon shows him making his way to run again … [Pagina Siete 11/18/2018]

He needs to be placed on trial for at least the following reasons:

  • to answer to the more than 60 Bolivian deaths as a result of political repression
  • to the billionaire cases of misused public funds, corruption has sprouted to levels never ever considered over the life of our country
  • political persecution that forced over 700 Bolivians to flee the country as he manipulated justice for his “gain”
  • blooming narcotraffick, and violent deaths nation wide due to this criminal activity
  • anarchy and intolerance in areas where most of us are forced, threatened to not step in …

Bolivia needs to rebuild the sense of a Nation, we need to rebuild our democracy and our Republic!