Bolivian state-owned companies are doomed to fail under the coca caudillo regime!

Cheap demagogue of the worst ruling ochlocracy ever in Bolivia is the solely responsible for this disaster! evo’s ruling party had forced Ametex to go out of business, despite it had a secured market in the USA, despite being competitive, despite offering employment … evo’s long-term hatred to the “empire” of the USA, did not stop at forcing USAID, DEA to abandon the country, but also went after companies that represented success outside his delusional “socialism of the 21st century.”

Bolivian people must not forget how this sorry excuse of a government not only wasted billions of dollars but also made sure no investments are made and unemployment rises …

The above is the opinion of Bolivian Thoughts.

Pagina Siete reports:

They ask that minister Rojas clarifies bankruptcy of Enatex

The opposition senator Carmen Eva Gonzales sent a note to the president of the Upper Chamber, José Alberto Gonzales, to convene the Minister of Productive Development, Eugenio Rojas, to clarify the reasons for the bankruptcy of the state-owned Empresa Nacional Textil (Enatex) that happened in May 2016.

The senator asks to be informed of the reasons for the bankruptcy; to what amount the amount that the Government granted in favor of the company and that it is informed about the Supreme Decree N ° 2765 and the way in which the business valuation was made, informed Erbol.

Gonzales recalled that the company went bankrupt when it was in the hands of the then Minister of Productive Development, Teresa Morales and her brother Manuel Morales Olivera as a business adviser.

“In 2015 the company closed with losses of Bs.149 million and nobody reported the disastrous situation,” said the Assemblywoman. She added that Minister Rojas must also answer on what actions were taken against the Morales brothers and present “supportive” documentation on the case.

She considered that there is a need to monitor the economic damage caused, since the State was the one that took charge of it. “This is undoubtedly important not only for the Full Chamber but for the whole society in general, so that all these facts that caused damage to the State can be clarified,” reads the note sent.

In June 2016, Vice President Álvaro García Linera, in time to justify the closure of Enatex and announce its transformation to the new service company Senatex, said that it must recover the $69 million dollars invested in Enatex, formerly called Ametex, under private administration.

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