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Óscar Ortiz presides over Union of Latin American Parties

El Diario reports:

Óscar Ortiz presides over Union of Latin American Parties

The senator of Democratic Unity (UD) and secretary general of Democrats, Óscar Ortiz, was elected president of the Union of Latin American Parties (UPLA), in the General Assembly of this entity, held on June 7 and 8, in Santiago de Chile, an opportunity in which the network of parties celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The UPLA is an organization of political parties and movements that promote freedom, democracy and human rights in Latin America, at the same time working for the development of public policies that contribute to the construction of prosperous societies, with social mobility and opportunities for all the members of our communities. [photo from El Dia]

Upon assuming this international position, the new president pointed out that during his tenure, priority will be given to articulating efforts among UPLA member parties to work internationally in the defense of democracy in the Latin American region, with special emphasis on solidarity with the suffering of the Venezuelan and Nicaraguan peoples, in which “the authoritarian regimes are running over to the most fundamental right, as is the right to life”.

Ortiz said that priority will be given to the exchange of experiences between the parties that perform government functions and those that operate in the opposition.