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Illegal raids in Santa Cruz overwhelm agribusiness … and ruling government’s negative “role”

El Diario reports:

Recurrence invasion to productive lands

Illegal raids in Santa Cruz overwhelm agribusiness

• There would be more than 136 productive properties affected by the actions of the so-called “land grabbers”, whose actions, in many cases vandalism, expose legal security and affect production, as well as future investments

• A television program denounced the actions of groups related to the ruling party, who would have access to INRA information on land sanitation

The large agroindustrial productive area of the department of Santa Cruz continues with problems arising from the seizure of land by illegal groups, which have intensified in their incursions, generating legal uncertainty in the properties in process of sanitation.

Although there is a law that sanctions these abuses, the situation keeps the producers in suspense, said Julio Roda, former president of the Farming Chamber of the East (CAO).

At the end of 2014, Law 477 was enacted against subversion, the application of the sanctions imposed on offenders are even with deprivation of liberty. However, Rodas said he did not know whether those responsible were prosecuted under those regulations and consequently that some losses of freedom were already recorded.

“The ‘land grabbers’ see the productive sector as entrepreneurial, when in reality we are agricultural producers, we are single-person undertakings, generators of food,” remarked Rodas, in an interview with EL DIARIO.

He also mentioned the circumstances that preceded the enactment of the aforementioned law, with the interest of providing protection against the overruns at the hands of illegal groups outside the property, and prevent their entry into productive property.

However, he maintained that although the regulations exist, there are properties in the process of reorganization, and in the process they encounter difficulties, which makes this situation prone to cuts in the areas considered.


In the television program broadcast in Cochabamba, under the name “Marianela”, the conductor Marianella Montenegro, denounced that organizations related to the MAS, (Bartolinas), and the former legislator Fidel Surco frequent the facilities of the National Institute of Agrarian Reform (INRA), Santa Cruz regional office, to gather information from properties undergoing renovation, and then proceed with assaults

Rodas regretted that the organizations related to the Government have information about the legal situation of the properties that suffer modifications in their extension. “That information is filtered in some way, and then the assailants enter the premises and destroy them” everything in its path, he lamented.

He said that these organizations do not look for any property, but those that have some development, such as built infrastructure, with deforested areas, water,” he said.

Faced with these events, which have intensified in recent times, Rodas expressed concern, as again recorded facts in frank violation of constitutional rights. He estimated that there would be about 50 recently intervened properties, this situation put the sector on alert, sowing uncertainty about legal security.

In the interview given to this newspaper, the former CAO director said that there is information on 136 plots of land, adding that 50 more would be added to that figure.

He warned that this scenario slows the growth of the sector and prevents the agricultural frontier from expanding, and that the plundered plots of land would no longer be subject to credit, due to the insecurity generated by the actions of illegal groups that would have links with the organizations of the government party. .


He explained that the groups in question are peasant organizations that are unified to enter the farms; He assured that 100 percent of the cases are for commercialization.

The private sector has proposed to the Executive the extension of the term of the credits to the Social Economic Function (FES) from 5 to 10 years. This would be the main argument used by the authorities and INRA itself to illegally proceed with the reversal of constituted rights.