Daily Archives: June 4, 2018

evo starts threatening the freedom of expression with his “Digital warriors”

Pagina Siete reports:


Digital warriors

The news that the MAS graduated in recent days, 80 digital warriors in Cochabamba and that there are already more than 500 young people ready to defend the Government in social networks is at least disturbing.

Openly, the Government announced the beginning of a digital war to face the messages against the so-called process of change. That implies that aggression will increase in cyberspace.

The digital warriors, according to the Vice Minister of Communications Management, Rossio Pimentel, must defend the 12 years of government and President Evo Morales. She also said that this is the first of many steps that must be followed towards the 2019 elections.

The last part of the statement is worrisome because it indicates that the State is financing the electoral campaign of the candidate Evo Morales.

Knowing the government strategy in social networks, it is easy to anticipate that there is no clean game, but a scenario full of insults, slander and lies against those who think differently, which ends up being an attack on freedom of expression.