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A new cold front will enter Bolivia on the night of San Juan

Cold weather in Bolivia, photos from the internet:

El Deber reports:


A new cold front will enter the department on the night of San Juan

Today [06/18/2018], at about 16:00 hours, the direction of the winds will change from south to north and its intensity will decrease, since it will not reach even 10 kilometers per hour. It is expected that the next storm will enter with rain.

The low temperatures that forced to keep in the first row the sweaters, jackets, hats and shawls, should still be within reach of the wardrobes of the population, since a new cold front will hit the department at the end of this week .

According to weather forecasts, a new surazo with light rains is foreseen for the dawn of June 24, San Juan, when everyone expects to feel the coldest night of the year. “So far the situation shows us that by early morning of June 24 a cold front enters and the winds change from north to south again,” explained the meteorological forecaster of Aasana Viru Viru, Virginia Aruquipa.

The official said that the temperatures from that day will be around 14 degrees Celsius, with possibilities that the figure go down even more. “No major storms are expected, but there will be moderate rains, although we must wait for what happens in the following days,” she said.

Week of Changes

The low temperatures experienced until the end of this week will improve somewhat from today, since the south winds of these last days will change direction around 16:00 today and its intensity will decrease. There will be gusts that will not exceed 10 k/h and maximum temperatures may reach up to 30 degrees on Wednesday [06/20/2018].