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Bolivian Businessmen declared emergency against evo’s demagogue!

El Diario reports:

According to economists, was a “late reaction”

Businessmen declared emergency

• During the Congress held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, after almost eight hours of analysis and thematic work, the private sector decided to submit its complaint to an international organization based in Geneva.

Faced with the imminence of meeting the deadlines for salary adjustments and the payment of retroactive, in addition to the fact that the second bonus was materialized at the “Businessmen Congress and Entrepreneurs 2018”, held yesterday in Santa Cruz de la Sierra; This sector had a late reaction to protest against these measures of the Government, announced last May 1st. As a result, private companies declared themselves in a state of emergency and informed that a report will be sent to international bodies about such official provisions.

Two economists pointed out that the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia (CEPB) reacted untimely to the “impositions” of the government of Evo Morales, in its decision to raise its demand before the International Labor Conference, which is meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

The main reason alluded to would be, “because they were marginalized in the final decisions on issues that directly concern them, as is the case of the increase in salaries”.

The president of the CEPB, Ronald Nostas, said that they decided to activate this legal mechanism since every year the Government and the Bolivian Workers’ Confederation (COB) do not comply with international commitments. Well, they require an exhaustive consultation without the participation of the private sector, when it comes to taking decisions on collective wage increases.

Nostas assured that they will appeal to the corresponding legal resources, so that the rulers comply with the acquired commitments, within the framework of respect for the sector that creates jobs in the country.