Reigns anarchy and chaos under the “leadership” of the coca grower caudillo … WTH?!

El Diario reports:

Despite the atmosphere of protest and blockade

Police leave Achacachi

In spite of the climate of conflict in Achacachi, the Bolivian police deployed their troops to this population in the face of the fear of violent actions in that population, while social organizations installed blockade points on the way to Copacabana, Huarina and Peñas.

The deputy director of Transit of El Alto, Colonel Pablo Garcia, said that the policemen “took out their vehicles and all the material with which they work, leaving the offices completely empty, anticipating that (the neighbors) could take the office.”

Villagers reacted angrily after the imprisonment of Esnor Condori, who faces a criminal complaint filed by Mayor Edgar Ramos, in a local conflict that has been dragging on for seven months.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Under the government of the coca grower caudillo, we have seen more violence, deaths and clashes among Bolivians than in the last thirty years.

This ruling ochlocracy has stepped on indigenous rights, rejecting the protection of our National Parks, this delusional egomaniac has wasted over $160 billion dollars in the eleven years they are in government. And did not bring or help create sustainable jobs for our citizens. He has ruled, controlling ALL State powers on a very vertical, dictatorial way. The worst government ever under the best economic times of our Nation.

He is turning our country into the Somalia of this continent …

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