Viva Santa Cruz!

Today is Santa Cruz day and I am happy for the most innovative, competitive society in Bolivia!

Santa Cruz has become what La Paz became during mid 20th century, the melting pot of Bolivia!

El Deber’s cartoon, just expresses our sentiment!


2 responses to “Viva Santa Cruz!

  1. When I hear people in/from Santa Cruz talk about Bolivians from the rest of the country, I am not sure about the “melting pot”.

    And I really hope La Paz in the mid-20th century was not as obsessed with carnival and beauty queens. ;-)

    • It depends on who you talk with … the ones that cherish “their way of life” meaning they knew everybody, mocking the way the rest of us, because of our accent, slangs, that we hate the hot humid mosquito environment, are becoming less and less. Ignorance and fear is that triggers those sentiments when you are overcome by a majority. They fear loosing identity. On the other side, the response was to hold on and not mingle, remain within people from your place of origin, keeping customes and not embracing the new ones… the difference with La Paz, being an outsider in both cities … is that they tease you from time to time but sooner than later they just treat you as a person, cambas and chapacos are the ones who are perceived as outsiders but the rest of us, we just fit in nicely within the La Paz culture. Now, Santa Cruz people is forced to accept the collas as we bring labor, money, educated people as well as uneducated I have to say, but our numbers are staggering and the traditional “racist’ camba will fade away eventually.
      Registers from mid 20th century do not report that many folkloric dances within the mid to upper classes, but carnival was always a big thing. With regard to beauty queens, well that has spread across the nation as well as also feminist advocates who condemn that event. We have become more global while keeping some of our local sentiments.

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