They control the stuffers impact on the environment

Pagina Siete reports from El Alto:

They control the stuffers impact on the environment

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.36.38 AMTo prevent the waste generated in the manufacture of sausages that cause environmental pollution, especially on Lake Titicaca, the El Alto municipality inspections began in 21 industries in this sector. Companies must have treatment plants.

“We are verifying that factories have adequate solid waste treatment plants and wastewater treatment. We demand that minimally be a primary treatment process before discard liquids in rivers that flow into Lake Titicaca” reported yesterday the head for Municipal Prevention, Control and Environmental Monitoring, Julio Quisberth.

Industries of El Alto and other nearby municipalities to Titicaca Lake, throw their waste and contaminated rivers that feed the lake waters. In the coming days, the El Alto municipality will inspect 21 industries sausages established in the city.

A month ago, a workshop was held on industrial building in which specialists trained representatives from various economic activities of El Alto on the importance of plants and wastewater treatment costs.

“We are moving forward. The industries are taking environmental consciousness, but we want all people to be involved contributing from their own homes to separate waste to give appropriate treatment. If we do not act now, in the future we will have very serious environmental problems” Quisberth said.

In parallel, the mayor performs health checks to hot dogs and sausages.

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