The shield of the MAS government, is a bad joke, they have nothing!

El Diario reports:

Millennium propounds productive development policies

Fundacion MilenioThey are increasingly less entrepreneurs dedicated to the production, primarily industrial. Most of them prefer import trade, often more profitable and less demanding of employees.


To reverse this anomaly, the Millennium Foundation, in a document entitled The decrees of May 1: Beyond dynamite, proposed to the Government policies to support the industry, the agricultural sector and value-added exports.


The Foundation postulates a wage policy based on productivity and the real possibilities of companies. “An effective way to combat smuggling is to restore competitiveness to the domestic industry. While domestic consumption is not covered with local products of lower price and quality, no decree can prevent the entry of foreign products, they warned in the document.


The wage increase is not reduced to the nominal rate of 6 percent, since this percentage should be added with the double bonus amount (8.33 percent), and which the employer must take provisions of 14.33 percent, says the report.

Current Bolivian government is more concerned with staying in power at all costs, rather than accepting suggestions like Milenio has to offer. WTH!?

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