Lets save the Bolivian river dolphin: the bufeo

A Sub Editorial from Los Tiempos:

Save the bufeo



It has been reported that in the last two years, about two hundred of Bolivian river dolphins in Iténez-Mamore rivers have been killed, where these endemic mammals inhabit, to be used as fishing bait for tilefish fish, which is much sought on the market. [photos from the internet under: images for bufeo Bolivia]

It is an ecological attack that requires the authorities of the Ministry of Environment and the governorates of Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Beni to take joint and urgent actions to preserve this animal that lives only in the Bolivian Amazon.

These mammals, which live about 33 years, with the scientific name of Bolivian river dolphin, for only they can be found in the rivers of the aforementioned departments. Make up a vulnerable species due to the small number of specimens there are, so it was declared as a flagship species the bufeo for the country, protection law was approved and designed a plan of action for conservation since 2012.

This, because they not only face the criminal hunt. Experts from the Institute of Applied Research in Water Resources (Faunagua), a non-governmental organization, agree that it is one of the most sensitive animals to changes in the environment, so there will still have to pay more attention, requiring, also to assess the impact that can cause the hydroelectric dams and waterways in the region, as well as the fragmentation of populations of bufeos and the conservation actions in protected areas.

The authorities, therefore, should pay special attention to this issue, starting with boosting, with organizations of society, an awareness campaign to prevent hunting of these animals.


It is inconceivable and at the same time negligible, trying to understand why these fishermen have to sacrifice this beautiful animal. I can not understand such behavior!

Not only we need to build awareness to stop them to do so, we must enforce penalties that force them to change the way they fish!


Es inconcebible y al mismo tiempo despreciable, el tratar de entender el porque esos pescadores tienen que sacrificar este bello animal. No puedo comprender ese comportamiento!

No solo hace falta concientizarlos para que dejen de hacerlo, debemos enforzar penas que les obliguen a cambiar la forma de pescar!

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