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Santa Cruz city: Image of an adult Jaguar was taken along the G77 Avenue

Leyla Mendieta reports for El Día:

Neighbors urge caution

Image of an adult Jaguar was taken along the G77 Avenue

Unusual. There are only two images of the cat. It is presumed that was months in the area. A team will define the best method of capture.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 11.11.41 AMAn adult jaguar would walk loose in a wooded area in the area of Loma Clara, by the G-77 Avenue, confirmed the Secretary of Environment of the Santa Cruz Governorate. Institution that installed 10 cameras in the area due to reports of the neighbors and a television report. These cameras captured two images of the animal over the weekend. details such as sex or place of origin are unknown. a group of 10 experts will meet today [02/12/2016] to discuss the best way to catch the specimen.

Monitoring the case. The director of Natural Resources of the Santa Cruz Governor, Yandery Kempff, said the first indication of the presence of the cat was the traces detected in an inspection of the area. “In order to properly identify the animal and whether it was a single individual, because the neighbors told us they had offspring, camera traps were set,” he said. These teams have sensors which seeks to identify the exact route the animal usually wonders, to then capture it. “The characteristics of the jaguar, is not believe it is an animal that has been locked by the expansion of the city, most believe that it is an animal that someone caught it and had the bad luck that got away,” he said.

They report having seen six months ago. The president of the District Association of Neighborhood Committees of District 5 (North), Pilgrim Bank, said the last time she knew about the jaguar was six months ago at night in the ninth ring where only small properties are. “There, I learned more in that area are just huts, but many people reported that they ate their chickens,” she said. Kempff said it is presumed that the cat is already in the area about a year and that fed cattle, chickens and small animals. No attack on neighboring parties was reported.

They ask special care with children. Kempff asked the people living in the area to take special precautions with children to avoid being exposed to risk. In addition, Secretary of Sustainable Development and Environment, Cinthia Asin, declined to try to capture the animal. “It is dangerous and may be more if it feels cornered or threatened,” she said.

Meeting today to discuss the capture method involved a specialist in cats, other wildlife and assistance of career professionals Biology and the Museum of Natural History, among other researchers asked biologists. She explained that there are various methods of capture from special traps to containment rifles, the latter finally throws tranquilizers to sleep and then capture the animal. Kempff stressed that the approach to take will be determined according to the conditions of the area where more passes and the characteristics of the animal.