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The South American Bear: Jukumari – Without protection, the species will disappear in 30 years

Pagina Siete reports:

Is the only bear the South American Region

Without protection, the species will disappear in 30 years

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.32.16 AMThe Andean bear, also known as Jukumari is listed as a vulnerable species. “This means that he faces a risk of extinction 30 years from now. That is to say that in three decades will be very few sites of these bears,” said biologist Ximena Velez.

The Jukumari is the only South American bear. It is protected by Decree 12301 for Wildlife and the International Convention on Trade in Endangered Species prohibiting hunting or marketing species.

There is very little information about this species. “In Bolivia there are two projects working with the Andean bear. One is in La Paz with the people of WCS / Bolivia operating in the region of Apolobamba and Madidi and the other group, which is the one that I work investigates the bear population in Cochabamba and Tarija,” Velez said.

The expert considered urgent that the Government support and encourage research projects on this species, because “those who work with Jukumari do so for commitment to the species.” She said it should strengthen legislation because the current can hardly carry out processes cases like Ajayu.

If there would be the case of legislation in Bolivia, we have very general laws and regulations such as Decree 12301 of 1975. “Last year the Law 700 against abuse of domestic animals was enacted. Now we promote a similar law for wildlife, but for this to succeed, a minister or deputy who can help is needed,” said Velez, who warns that this species, like others who live in the humid forest and protected areas at serious risk as they continue to allow the entry of oil industry to those places.

“The Jukumari is vital to our biodiversity is an excellent seed dispersers;. But when the animal no longer have trees or habitat where they can find food, many of these seeds are not dispersed.

It’s a chain that not only affects the bear but the animals and plants that depend on it,” he said.


We know the coca grower leader is no real defender of mother nature, the TIPNIS was a sad reality. It would be a crime to lose this great and only bear in our continent!