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Are Chileans afraid?! Prevent distributing the Book of the Sea in Chile at a Book Fair

ANF reports for El Dia:

Prevent distributing the Book of the Sea in Chile at a Book Fair

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.59.24 AMLa Serena authorities disavowed the distribution of 200 copies and even threatened with police at a cultural center.

Authorities in La Serena, Chile disavowed the distribution of 200 copies of the Book of the Sea in the book fair.

According to the director of the cultural center Casa Bolivar in Chile, Roberto Muñón, officials of the Chilean region, La Serena, came to threaten to bring police if they distributed the Book of the Sea.

“Unfortunately for administrative reasons and even political repression to our vision regarding the maritime theme repression, the legal authorities of the municipality prevented this book to be distributed,” Muñón said.

Meanwhile, the chief of staff of the municipality, Ricardo Soto, said that to authorize the release of the books, they had to apply months in advance, as did the other stands.

He recommended that they send a letter to the mayor, Roberto Jacob so he can authorize the distribution of the books at the fair.

In the Book of the Sea is the story of the Chilean invasion to Bolivia in 1879, the Pacific War, the land-locked and demand before the International Court of Justice in The Hague in order to achieve a sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean.


It is evident that Chilean authorities try to keep their people ignorant of what really happened, over a hundred years of lies, distorted educational “history”… however, this issue has a simple solution: place the book for free on the web, and end of issue!!!