The destruction of Santa Cruz forest sector

Jimmy Ortiz writes in El Diario:

The destruction of Santa Cruz forest sector

Jimmy OrtizThe exaggerated political and racial ideology of the government has achieved its goal: the destruction of our forest sector. For the Bolivian populism, they are toads from another lagoon, represent the exact opposite of its multinational ideal, they are entrepreneurs and cruceños [born in Santa Cruz], two qualities explicitly discriminated form the Change process.

The statistics speak for themselves: in 1997 we had 89 companies in the sector and 5.8 million hectares under sustainable management. In 2014, we only had 22 companies and 2.2 million hectares under sustainable management. In this period, we lost 67 companies and 3.6 million hectares under sustainable management. Neither has done well for his Pachamama [Mother Nature], now at the mercy of predators that supposedly “fight” at the forums.

In 2010 we had $120 million dollars in exports and imports $17 million dollars. In 2014 $65 million dollars of exports and imports $103 million. The balance of payments sector also got shafted, together with the large number of jobs lost. This sector has potential to export $1,000 million dollars and generating 250,000 jobs.

The destruction of one of the most important industries of eastern Bolivia, was a matter of time. In the geopolitical logic of the government, the destruction of this sector was essential to clear the way for the transfer of their western peasants to the lowlands, in a very clear act of neocolonialism.

Forestry companies were an obstacle that needed to be removed, and they succeeded. Today human settlements programs run by the government are carried out without any hindrance from Pando to Santa Cruz. And consolidated the North Amazonian take over; North of La Paz Iturralde province; Ballivian, Moxos, Marban and Iténez from Beni; The Chore, Guarayos and Bajo Paragua in Santa Cruz. All as part of a geopolitical strategy to occupy the “rebel” land, a pre-Columbian dream.

Those well-managed natural forests, which achieved worldwide recognition for its sustainable use, have been taken under tailored laws. What is clear is that many of them have been destroyed by the slash and burn practices, sending to hell the false respect for the environment!

Any nonsense is useful to justify the co-optation of the territory. What is clear is that with the destruction of the forest sector, which was the first barrier to MAS advance on the lowlands, there are only two goals, the subjugation of indigenous lands and national parks, both under way.

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