Mariela Gonzales: “They said that entering the Teatro Colón was difficult, but I did”

Milen Saavedra reports for Pagina Siete:

“They said that entering the Teatro Colón was difficult, but I did”

2014-10-11 11.12.38 amThe artist was part of the cast of the Society of Julio Bocca, one of the best dancers in the world, and she was artistic director of the Oficial Ballet.

Mariela Gonzales, one of the first most recognized dancers of Bolivia, still gets excited when she recalls that day in 1987, when she was accepted to join the cast of Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

“I was told that getting in Teatro Colon was difficult, but I tried hard and I succeeded,” says the artist, who after visiting this renowned dance troupe was invited to tour the world with the Society of Julio Bocca, famous dancer and Argentine choreographer.

Gonzales became famous for starring in the country works as Don Quixote Ballet, Carmen, Ravel’s Bolero, Giselle and Swan Lake. She now runs her Dance Studio, which bears her name and which she founded in 1995. Together with her ballet, is currently preparing the show The Nutcracker, which will be presented in late October in La Paz.

When did you discover your passion for dance?

As a child I liked the ballet The Nutcracker, which I saw on TV. It seemed magical and impressive because the dolls came alive and it was a palace of sweets. There I fell in love with this art and the desire to dance was becoming increasingly strong. Then I started studying at the National Academy of Dance, under the direction of Jeannette Inchauste, and then I went to the National Institute of Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.

How did you joined the Instituto del Teatro Colón?

First I did a summer course in 1987 and was the most traumatic of my life, because the other girls were technical. Then I decided to fight it, I talked to the teacher and said it was very difficult to get to Colon and I had to work hard. When the day of auditions for admission to the school came, I stood with 180 people. A few days later published the results in the theater and saw a big sign saying “Mariela Gonzales, only regular student accepted”, the others had scholarships. Could not believe it and that day I realized that my life would change.

What do you remember most about that experience?

Once they accepted me in the school, I opened many doors. I entered the corps de ballet, I met amazing dancers and learned a lot every day. After I joined Julio Bocca’s company and traveled to many places.

At what point did you decide to teach?

When I returned to La Paz I realized I had to do something for my country. First, I was appointed principal dancer and artistic director of the Official Ballet. And in 1991, my parents gave me the Study. As a dancer I was forming dancers and I realized that my job was to create new generations of dancers.

What is the work that has marked your career?

The ballet Don Quixote, that was the first I danced at the Teatro Colon and the first I performed when I returned to Bolivia.


Life. Born in Potosi in 1970.

Studies. She studied at the Higher Institute of Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the Academie d’Art Chorographique, Paris.

I welcome her to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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