How Venezuela “invaded” Brazilian skies to send guns to Bolivia’s coca gov

It is undeniable that current president of Bolivia has sworn loyalty first to his condition as the leader of the coca-growers of  the Chapare, thus the title of this post, so that the acolytes of this gov does not have ideas to come after me… ;)

2014-07-23 11.04.58 amIt is sad and upsetting to watch how the “socialists of the 21st century” do as they please with our lives, our nations.

Ricardo Setti writes in Veja, Brazil:

2014-07-23 11.03.07 am


2014-07-23 10.47.19 am


DIPLOMATIC collusion

Leaked documents from Itamaraty [Brazilian Foreign Affairs Chancery] reveal that, when they learned about that Venezuela was sending troops and tanks to crush the opposition in Bolivia in 2007 and 2008, the PT government [Lula’s] chose to smother the case

Reporting by Duda Teixeira, published in the print edition of Veja.

The self-determination means that a nation can not meddle in the internal affairs of another. This year, this principle was used, correctly, to condemn the Russian invasion of the Crimea and sending paramilitary east of Ukraine.

Although it presents itself as a defender of the principle of self-determination, Brazilian diplomacy abstained in the UN meeting to reject the intervention of the Russian government. Confidential documents reveal that Brazil has the same attitude of connivance in internal crises involving neighbors in South America

In 2007, Venezuela flew over Brazilian airspace to send soldiers and military vehicles to help Bolivia to massacre protests. As the Bolivian and Venezuelan governments are ideologically attuned to the Brazilian, the case was hushed up. Part of this story appears in a confidential report of the Ministry of Defense of Brazil.

The text narrates the visit of military and defense minister Nelson Jobim to Venezuela from April 13 to 14, 2008. The document is part of a package of 397 pilfered files from emails of the Foreign Ministry system and made ​​available on the Internet by hackers last May.

According to the report, after disembarking in Caracas, Brazilian representatives met on the morning of 14 at the home of Ambassador Antonio José Ferreira Simões to set the facts/strategy before meeting with Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela today. Each participation of these was recorded on paper.

At one point, General Augusto Heleno, military commander in the Amazon, asked if others knew of Hercules C-130 aircraft carrying Venezuelan troops to Bolivia. The Simões ambassador intervened: “A Brazilian complaint of the presence of Venezuelan troops in Bolivia can worsen the situation.”

2014-07-23 11.16.17 am

Meanwhile, the government of Evo Morales was still sending troops and militias to fight opponents in the Department of Pando, which borders with the Acre.

In December 2007, a C-130 Hercules cargo of Venezuelan Air Force had technical problems and landed in Rio Branco, Acre, from Bolivia. The Federal Police inspected the aircraft found no weapons or ammunition and allowed the aircraft to continue to Venezuela.

The leaked documents show that this was just the tip of the iceberg. In conversation at the home of Ambassador, General Helenus said that “there is presence not only of Venezuelans in Bolivia, but also Cubans, with operational interest.” Secondly, Lieutenant Brigadier Gilberto Burnier, said that during the crisis, Venezuela made ​​114 flights.

“Informed carrying commercial vehicles, but was seen carrying armored personnel carriers (VBTP) and other military vehicles,” reads the document. In his meeting with Venezuelans, Minister Nelson Jobim suggested that an air corridor was created to “get this issue on the agenda”, ie muffle the case because the law forbids overflights of ordnance on the country without authorization.

The proposal had the support of President Lula. In August 2008, the Official Gazette published a memorandum by which the Venezuelan pledge to seek permission to cross the Brazilian airspace. Venezuela, however, continued to send troops and weapons without being hassled.

A month later, more than fifteen people died in a pitched battle in Pando, Bolivia. Some agents of repression, according to reports of opponents, were Venezuelans.

Who commanded the operation was the current Minister of the Presidency of Bolivia, Juan Ramón Quintana, the same that later in 2010, was seen leaving the house with suitcases of Brazilian drug trafficker Maximiliano Dorado, Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Now, you can see why I despise both Lula and Chavez/Maduro, these individuals and their megalomaniac ideas have forgotten that Che Guevara was killed here, because we hate and fight invaders.



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