Bolivian athletes WON four gold medals!!

El Diario reports:

In South American Sports Games

Bolivian athletes achieved four gold medals.

2013-10-02 08.38.05 amAt the South American Sports Games, which was held in Lima, Peru, where the Bolivian delegation managed [to win] four gold medals, in the disciplines of swimming with the swimmer María José Ribera, in the eight per one hundred meter dash with the athlete Eliana Zegarra, in judo with Katerine Manrique, Geraliz Valda, Enrique Solíz and Rubén Sosa, concluded this weekend with an emotional ceremony in the presence of all delegations.

A fourth gold medal was obtained by athlete Pablo Rodríguez, proof of the ten kilometer march, who thanked the support received for his participation in Lima. The test was executed in the middle of a sweltering heat causing the participants to wear-out.

“I’m already facing this test for about two years and we hope to project ourselves for the Olympic Youth Games to be held in China next year,” added the Bolivian athlete.

Kudos to ALL of you and welcome to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!!

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