“Eliminating” the neo-liberalism in Bolivia… is there anything better to do for current passing gov?

Carlos Toranzo Roca writes for Pagina Siete:

Remove the neo-liberalism

Carlos ToranzoThe Government of the MAS, since it came to power, had as a premise the need to dismantle anything done by the neoliberalism, to throw overboard all that have a smell of the past, throw away the history and replace it with the new times, new ideas, new idols, new heroes; change the logic of the market and place reciprocity, archive that smacks of private initiative and replace it with the expansion of economic statism, banish gender policies and changed with the chacha warmi, banish colonialism museums to promote new museums, including that of Orinoca. Eliminate the non-intervention of the military in politics to replace it by their presence in politics as with the Pact armed forces-MAS, destroy the pattern of primary export development and inaugurate the great Bolivian industrialization, try to remove Columbus statue from all places and build monuments to Túpac Katari, squeezing out the gringos of the NAS and promote social control for the coca in the Chapare, remove foreign interference and build full sovereignty, eliminate corruption and inaugurate the era of transparency, cut expensive costs of the State and into place ascetic conduct and public policy of austerity, away the destructions of the environment and replace them with the logic of mother earth with friendly state behavior to the environment. Change an ineffective and corrupt justice by an effective Justice, transparent, to erase by statistics and in reality the mestizos and replace them with indigenous and native people, eliminate the Republic and build a pluri-national State, decaffeinate the State Western justice and bartered it for native justice.

What the MAS was looking for from the beginning was not only dismantling the neoliberalism, but more far than that, intended to banish or deny everything from the past, forgetting the history and build a new, full of their ideology, their myths and values. Looking at their attempt, the absence of a vision of development that is respectful with the history, and to be consistent with a logical process to build development is clear. But, as most of the theories explain it, the development in any part of the world is  to build rescuing history, criticizing what has been missed in that history, but not erase the past. Before the development is an iterative process, building that is putting up brick after brick, that does not imply collapse throughout the past and pass it to oblivion. Countries that have advanced further in the world have done so with a logic of process without denying their past, to the contrary, they built it by rescuing their history and put new floors on top of the ones that were already built.

The political process, the leaders, warlords who have souls and conducts that want to do-all-over-again behaviors considered it necessary to demolish all the past and recreate in every moment the country, the nation, the Republic, to the State apparatus, in the end, believe that everything in the past was wrong and, therefore, they should start everything from scratch, denying the course of history.

Leaders and warlords of this type of ideas say that they are the first to do something good, that are the inventors of new developments, which are the carriers of a new era, that are the bulwarks of the beginning of good justice in the correct development of the new values and the new transparent behaviors. There is no doubt that all those who act this way only do navel-gazing itself, only observe themselves, they possess a provincialism that is so large that it prevents them from looking at the world, globalization, the global and regional processes.

No, they can not look at the world because they have covered eyes to serve only its Refoundation, and on top of that they believe their re-foundation processes are so profound that they are a lesson for the world and that, therefore, all the globe should look to Bolivia to know how is the true development, because they understand that their political process is the leader of the global changes. But it will be the history and the future which will say how much wrong is the attempt to forget the past and rebuild it all.

Carlos Toranzo is an economist.


Extremely good analysis over our sorry reality. It still puzzles me how narrow-minded and forgetful is most of the Bolivian society. Are they so needy for promises and fairy tales, like the ones this government is showing? Why do most Bolivians intend to continue to give support to this nonsense? What is wrong with us? Where and how have we lost common sense and self-esteem?

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