A Bolivian cynic government!

HoyBolivia.com reports:

Costas: Government manages with a high degree of cynicism

2013-04-27 10.42.11 amGovernor Rubén Costas said that the national Government accuses the [Catholic] bishops in the theft of the jewels of the Virgin of Copacabana, in an attempt to cause controversy and cover the real problems of the country.

“As sometimes it [the government] disorients, even the press [are blamed] for things that actually cause anxiety among the people, as the network of extortion managed by this Government, as corruption, as the drug trafficking issue, and as the subject of citizen security, and that should be of concern”, said Costas in a press release from the Governors Office.

Also added that “is a high degree of cynicism to endorse the responsibility to the Governors Office, or now to blame the bishops and the Cardinal, don’t you think that this is inconsistent and that it comes with a high degree of cynicism”, said Costas.

He described as “inconsistent” statements by President Evo Morales, who blamed the Church for the theft of the jewels to the Virgin of Copacabana and asked the Cardinal Julio Terrazas to give a punishment to the bishops who have the guilt of this action.

Isn’t that the drug trafficking what has distressed the Santa Cruz people? “, inquired the Governor, who also protested of the”cynicism”of President Morales for blaming the bishops.”

In this sense, he also recalled that three years ago, when he said that the international mafias were in Santa Cruz, he won the adjective of “ignorant”, and a trial for contempt by Vice President Álvaro García Linera. “Aren’t here the international mafias?, perhaps isn’t that we see here is not the product of extortion, corruption and crime?.”


Current central government has the tendency to bad mouth whomever while more important issues pertaining its performance remain idle. There is no foreign investment, no Law compliance, no safety/security for the population, no new sustainable jobs generated, no new hydrocarbons found… just the exceptional high prices of our commodities and certainly this government had nothing, repeat nothing to do with that! Current government, like the ones called Socialism of 21st century only want to perpetuate in power, for their own personal gain…

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