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Bolivian wins prestigious award for marketing in the U.S. industry: Daniel Marquez Rios

From El Deber:

Bolivian wins prestigious award for marketing in the U.S. industry

2013-04-09 04.57.32 pmDaniel Márquez Ríos became the first young Bolivian businessman to receive the most prestigious award of the political consulting industry in the United States, awarded annually by The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), as it confirmed the award-winning company.

The Pollie Excellence Industry Service Award was awarded at the close of the annual Conference of the AAPC performed in Washington, D.C.

The trophy was presented by Dale Emmons, President of the Organization, which also awarded the statuette to Jim Messina, David Axelrod and David Pluffe, by his brilliant campaign for the re-election of President Barack Obama.

At the forefront of political marketing in the network, Daniel Márquez, his partner Melanie Rodríguez and his team contributed to the professionalization of Latino leaders and political consultants in more than 20 countries, including the training of more than 6,500 leaders in the first 2 years.

Similarly, more than 6,000 students received free training and the rest at minimum costs or grants through the intensive use of technology.

‘I think that we have made a significant contribution to revitalizing the democratic system in Latin America training leaders and consultants and discovering many amazing talented young leaders who had not been recognized,’ remarked the winner.

They also contributed to a greater exchange of consultants from the US and Latin America.

More than half a hundred of Latino consultants affiliated with the AAPC in a significant step towards the greater professionalization of political consulting in the continent.

The AAPC President described as ‘extraordinary’ work done by MPR Group intensively using the technology and starting a venture with minimal resources.

The company has recently completed the second COP Conference in New York training to more than one hundred leaders and consultants from 14 Latin American countries.

He has also created the Victory Award, to reward the talent and creativity of political consultants, creators of technology, academic researchers and creators of content on the network.



I welcome Daniel Marquez Rios to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!!