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Is this corruption or what?! What is wrong with current Bolivian government??!!

Curent government officials, elected and appointed do not know how damaging are their impromptu acts for the institutionalization and law compliance of Bolivia. They generate opportunities for misunderstandings and in their very simplistic way, they believe they are managing this country? WRONG!!!

From Pagina Siete:

Ministry of the Presidency has already received TVs, iPods and cell phones

Pagina SieteThe Ministry of the Presidency already has more than 5,000 items of merchandise that were transferred by Customs, among which there are televisions, cell phones, iPods and clothing that were abandoned or confiscated to smuggling parties.

The information was provided by the President of Customs, Marlene Ardaya, on February 5 [2013].

The Financial Law, in addition to the merchandise in abandonment, establishes that smuggling goods which were seized, are also transferred to the Ministry of the Presidency and whenever they are medication drugs, they are referred to the Ministry of Health.

Customs reported yesterday to Pagina Siete that the equipment for connection of household gas, hardware, clothing, circular wire brushes, oil, water heaters, toys, agricultural machinery and construction, keyboards, iPods, tablets, lanterns, brains, sensors, ‘proformas’ of plastic, cistern tanks and strings were sent to the Ministry of the Presidency. [great door for misunderstandings, misuse; just remember those vehicles seized out of narcotraffick, end up in the possession of public officials and politicians]

It is the goods of greater value, because there are other minor value. [who and how is value given?]

Ardaya, in an earlier statement, justified that direct and free transfer to the ministries of the Presidency and of Health [were made] because the smugglers benefited mainly in the auctions. [what a simplistic way to handle such a sensitive issue, right?]

Transferred products shall be delivered to public institutions and organizations non-profit, among others. [are we already in electoral campaign?]

In addition, the measure the Government intends to free customs warehouses that are saturated with abandoned or confiscated goods. [how thoughtful!]