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TIPNIS update, a session postponed due to lack of fuel for transport of delegates

ANF reports and appears in La Prensa:

There was no fuel to transport the delegates

They postponed a session of the TIPNIS

2013-04-16 09.49.15 amTopics related to the road that will split the Park, must be analyzed at the meeting.

Due to lack of fuel, it was postponed, at least by the space of a week, the meeting of “corregidores” of the indigenous territory and Isiboro Secure National Park (TIPNIS). The meeting had been scheduled to be installed yesterday [4/15/13].

Marcelino Cuellar, inhabitant of the region, said that there were problems for the collection of fuel, which is needed for the outboard motors, to get to the meeting place.

This fact forced to delay of the Assembly, although he said that in the course of the next few days, the indigenous committees will meet to evaluate, among other issues, the inquiry carried out by the Government in their territory to build the Villa Tunari – San Ignacio de Moxos road, in addition to the attention of other demands.

The order of the day. According to the announcement, those attending the meeting will discuss six points, the first of which refers to allegations that the Government launched against indigenous leaders who are opposed to the road construction.

The consultation process will be evaluated at the second point. The presentation of an auto-recall, in addition to measures to be taken for the defence of the TIPNIS will also be addressed.

The fifth and sixth points allude to the interventions of the Governor of Beni, Carmelo Lens, and President Evo Morales, whose presence is expected in this activity of the indigenous Peoples living in the protected area.

The event will be conducive to make the leaders of the sub-central TIPNIS, Central of indigenous women of the Beni (CMIB), Central of ethnic Peoples of Beni (C-PMB) and the Confederation of indigenous Peoples of Bolivia (Cidob), among other invited institutions, inform communities about the results of the actions taken in defense of the Park to avoid the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road to be built through the middle of the protected area.

Expected attendance of representatives from 64 communities that, according to the announcement, are to be represented by eight delegates, four women and four men.

512 delegates should participate in the meeting of the “corregidores”, 256 women and 256 men.

Anti-drug troops exercised strict control over the use and distribution of fuel in the TIPNIS and Carrasco National Park, because it is feared that this fuel could be diverted for the manufacture of cocaine. Under this argument, national authorities not granted authorization for the transfer of more than five hundred delegates within the protected area.