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Bolivian presidential elections: Following the Venezuela example… UNITE!!!

Estefany Claros Aldana reports for El Dia:

They will be the Democrat Social Movement

Opponents gather in Sucre to create a party

Elections. Unidad Nacional [National Unity, UN] and Movimiento Sin Miedo [Fearless Movement, MSM] leaders did not attend. The ruling party ensures that there is no candidate who stand up to Morales.

2013-04-25 08.06.32 amOpponents of various political groups met yesterday in Sucre, to officially form the opposition party that will participate in the general elections of 2014.

This meeting was attended by the previous and current Governor of Beni, Ernesto Suárez and Carmelo Lens, which belong to Primero el Beni [First the Beni], was also the Governor of Santa Cruz, Ruben Costas, parliamentarians from Convergencia Nacional [National Convergence] and Savina Cuellar, former Prefect of Chuquisaca, who precisely welcomed the opponents.

As Suarez informed her, the objective is to officially launch the Movimiento Demócrata Social [Democrat Social Movement, MDS), to face the elections.

The encounter ends today with the inauguration of the Campaign House of the MDS, which will operate from the capital of the country.

Socialization of opposition. “What we want is to bring us closer to the people and in this way we are going to do in the nine departments of the country, we will pick up the proposals and expectations the population have,” said Suarez.

However, all agreed that to date there is no visible opposition figure to be the candidate, given that still continues the socialization with other political forces.

Arriving in Sucre, the opponents were booed by a group of people awaiting them at the airport.

Tomy Durán, the head of the group Pacto de Integración Social [Covenant of Social Integration, PAIS] in Sucre, where mayor elected Moisés Torres is from, on the other hand, reported that its program is based on the articulation of the broad opposition front. “There are ten initial points for the construction of a program, among them is the creation of the Third Republic. We have to face the MAS with ideas”, said Duran.

Division and criticism. This meeting was not attended by leaders of opponents of UN [national unity], Samuel Doria Medina, of the MSM [movement without fear MSM], Juan del Granado, nor Adriana Gil, member of CN [national convergence] and aspirant to the Presidency of the country, who just held a meeting with leaders of La Paz, in search of the socialization of her candidacy.

For his part, Senator Isaac Avalos of the MAS [movement toward socialism], he criticized the meeting in Sucre, mentioning that there is no candidate that would stand up to President Evo Morales. “They are looking for how to make a dirty campaign. “Who is Costas? a discriminator, cocky politician, he is not humble he is not social, does not share with the poor, does not work with the districts”, said the parliamentary. […and that is not a dirty campaign??!!]


Bolivia needs to learn from Venezuela, to confront the expensive official political campaign, with OUR resources and the control of the Executive, Legislative, Judicial and Electoral powers of the country, MAS and current president need to wisely be defeated on the 2014 elections. MAS is now trying to push for overseas votes, which represent more than all of Pando combined… a new “elegant” way to  cover for electoral fraud, as Carlos Cordero mentioned in his last column.