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Bolivians living abroad will be able to vote…

Carlos Cordero Carraffa writes for El Deber:

Bolivians will vote abroad

Carlos CorderoThe Electoral body recently reported that for the general elections of 2014, they will expand the universe of Bolivian voters abroad. This decision, apparently innocuous, ratifies perverse mechanisms of inequality and unfairness in the electoral competition between parties and introduces the intention of favouring the ruling party, the MAS.

In the months prior to the 2009 elections, same efforts were made then to enable the greatest number of Bolivians living abroad so that they can vote. This measure caused, predictably, many sympathies in certain sectors and also allegations in the sense that it was a new and elegant form of electoral fraud. Government spokesmen and afflicted residents Bolivians abroad launched all kinds of reproaches those who noted that the ‘foreign vote’ violated political rights of Bolivians living in Bolivia.

2013-04-28 02.12.23 pmIt is not fair, under no legal or political argument that for Bolivians living outside the country, have them define with their vote who will be the President. And that’s what happens. In four countries, USA, Spain, Brazil and Argentina, there have been issued 120,375 valid votes. In the Department of Pando, for the same 2009 elections, people who signed up to vote were 40,912 citizens, 38,275 votes were cast, and just 36,694 votes were valid. I.e. the ‘foreign votes’ earned three times more than the valid votes of the citizens of Pando. Therefore, no matter who the pandinos vote for, it is better to ensure the votes abroad.

The ruling party, connoisseur of this bright and elegant electoral fraud, now promotes the foreign vote in 29 countries. That, do not comply with devaluing the vote of Bolivians in the national territory and avidly seek vote of Bolivians abroad, the Electoral body, “explores the possibility that the vote abroad is electronic”. Fantastic!

Who supervises the electoral register and votes of the Bolivians abroad? Are there many foreign votes expected for 2014? How much will it cost to treasure this addition? What should be promoted is not the election of the President with the vote of residents abroad, but the choice of extraterritorial members, who represent, make efforts and help our compatriots in the place of residence and in Bolivia. In this way, the foreign votes will have a true social and not merely political utility

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