Current Bolivian central government abuses and further abuses…

Susana Seleme Antelo describes how current central government’s behavior increases over time, we have to stop this nonsense!

From El Deber:

Abuses and further abuses

Susana SelemeEnter Palmasola, prison in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, as family member or visitor, is an abuse: they mark the arm with seals of the police as to livestock, or other brutal extremes, to control the outputs and inputs, say the jailers. Already they could seal a paper to display it in the chest, in the absence of electronic control. The evidence is in my arm after a solidarity visit to the victims of the terrorism-separatism plot of the Andean centralism against Santa Cruz and its civic leadership. If a week ago they kept arrest in La Paz, they are now prisoners in Palmasola without having been notified of the change.

Little abuse mounted, facing those committed against the 39 defendants of the case ‘Rózsa-Soza’, so called in allusion to the Hungarian-Bolivian Eduardo Rózsa, executed extra-judicially on April 16, 2009, in this city, and the Prosecutor assigned to the case, Marcelo Soza.

“To put one’s foot in one’s mouth”, the saying goes, and fits like a glove to Soza’s recorded statements and authenticated by several expert: was recorded to negotiate with the Government his immunity and impunity, as he and the others know that there is no evidence of terrorism or separatism. Without evidence, there is no crime, and if in Bolivia the rule of law in Bolivia was to be respected, the perverse judgement should be extinguished. On the other hand, there is evidence of State terrorism, committed on the orders of the Jacobins of the Government: the corpses of Rózsa, Árpád Magyarosi and Michael Dwyer, without having a clash with the Swat team that executed the action, four years ago.

United Nations already knows the case and noted, in addition, the violation of the human rights of Elöd Tóásó, survivor of that murder, who should already be released, according to communication addressed to the Bolivian Government on April 27 and August 11, 2011. As the ruling party cannot afford such charges, they offer to the defendants, abbreviated trials and mild sentences if they declare themselves guilty. The majority rejects the offer: freedom is linked to their dignity, as they have not committed any crime. We are autonomists, not terrorist, they say.

Cornered, the Government moved the offer to two defendants in exile. Does not make it to Branko Marinkovic, former Santa Cruz civic leader and businessman, accused and charged just for being in opposition to the Government of Evo Morales, says Soza last recording. The lawyer of the businessman prepares a trial against him [Soza], while abuses add up and continue.

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