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Political persecution in the Bolivia “of the change”

Susana Seleme writes in El Deber:

The photo and the film

Susana SelemeWhat a picture for history: Branko Marinkovic, Roger Pinto and Jorge Quiroga on front pages of EL DEBER. It has become ‘enervating’ for Evo Morales, who used the photo as proof of a conspiracy against him. Lacking intelligence, victimizes himself, believing that he gains followers, but as ruse it takes eight years of systematic practice, it has lost its semantic value. [see photo below]

The encounter of the three Bolivians was casual during the premiere of the documentary “Un minuto de silencio” [a minute’s silence], not yet seen in Bolivia, which chronicles the events from October 2003 and harsh moments of human rights violations. According to its director, Ferdinando Vincentini, “between June 2008 and December 2011, I noticed a gradual transformation: at the beginning, there was great enthusiasm for the revolution that helped elect President Morales, but there are now signs that Bolivia is moving towards a system that will use all means, legal and illegal, to stay in power” (Internet).

It is a qualitative data that three citizens of the photo are victims of the politicization of Justice in Bolivia. Marinkovic, exiled in Brazil, is a victim of the abolition of the rule of law, due process and the principle of presumption of innocence. Without belonging to any political party, he was Chairman (2007-2009) of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee, which has been championed in his 63 years of autonomous struggles against centralism. Without any evidence, is accused in the terrorist-separatist plot mounted by the regime against 39 citizens of the East, some prisoners, persecuted, and others, like him, in exile.

Pando Senator, Roger Pinto had trials for everything and anything, as well as almost two years of political asylum in the Embassy of Brazil in La Paz. Reached the neighboring country camouflaged in a diplomatic vehicle, because the regime not granted the safe-conduct for transfer to that country which had already embraced him. In Bolivia, neither Marinkovic nor Pinto would have the possibility of impartial processes and fair defense against a Judicial power which lost their independence to be co-opted by the Executive and a few administrators of justice subservient to political power.

Former President Jorge Quiroga drags a judgement by the so-called ‘petrocontratos’ [petroleum contracts]. On his return from Brazil, he said that he has not signed any contract, and that who signed them, said, was the then-President of YPFB, Santos Ramírez, of the MAS, now in prison for more than shady affairs.

That issue and others should put on its ‘nerves’, the regime, and not a picture of three Bolivians beset by thinking differently.


The photo was published in La Razon:

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