Bolivian central government’s blatant errors on foreign policy

El Diario’s editorial reflects our disgrace of having a central government that has NO capacity at all…

Blatant errors of foreign policy

El DiarioWrong and successive steps of the Government in international politics and, in particular, with reference to relations with Chile, never cease to cause concern, but even amazement on diplomatic circles. That the case of the Declaration of the conductor of State diplomacy, the President of the Republic, who asked the Government of Santiago to propose noting but a solution to the enclosure of Bolivia.

This order caused surprise in political circles of our country and, on the other hand, as it is natural, was a surprise for the neighboring country’s diplomacy, because it is little more than an inconsistency or something like boomerangs, gun that shot the enemy returns and gives head who launched it.

In accordance with the code of people and elementary logic, the aggrieved or the victim is who not only has to protest, but it is required to submit the formula of solution in their favor for the conflict that benefited the attacker or who committed the tort. Accordingly, asking the offender to make a proposal to repair the damage with the attack is not only a lack of logic but a mistake.

In fact, expect that, in any case, the offender proposal of a solution to a problem would only expect to do this by asking for more benefits than those obtained. Thus, referring to the example that concerns us, the other party could do other territorial claims and obtain greater advantages than those achieved at the end of the conflict. By sending the order of President Morales to Santiago, you could run the risk of that in its proposal the offensive part demands from Bolivia the salar de Uyuni, which exists around the wetlands of the Silala or any other argument.

In general, never the aggrieved asked the offender that continue asking what he wants something or keep asking for punishment. The entitled right to resolve the grievance corresponds exclusively to the aggrieved party. In that way, the Bolivian Government should introduce to the offending party, one or more pathways of solution to the problem which Bolivia is victim of, which would not only make logical sense but it could be used to solve the issue in debate.

The erroneous suggestion must be attributed, however, to the environment of “wise” advisors who surround the President, team that undoubtedly was the author of the ill-timed proposal, suggestion that comes from precipitous manner and not only detrimental to the President but also harms national dignity. [I have my doubts as I believe whatever comes out of the mouth of current president, is in fact what he wishes at the time; having been a coca grower’s union for so long, he believes he exudes wisdom… there is no more vertical action in the world, than of those who belong and control unions in Bolivia]

In another aspect, it is observed that apparently, it does not exist so far a definition about the demand to the International Tribunal in the Hague and, in addition, the Office responsible for addressing the issue continues to turn in a vicious circle, with the probability of that claim (in case of happening, without before making an in-depth study of the subject, nor measuring the logistical capacity of the opponent) fall on deaf ears, because the request would not be accepted either if it is processed, the sentence [would probably] be limited to enforcing the points of the Treaty of 1904, which, as it is alleged, are not being met.

Finally, diplomatic means national and international shows that indicated nature errors and several others, show that the country has no Chancellor or Foreign Ministry and that the country’s external problems are in the hands of agencies that do not have jurisdiction nor competence.

As this government continues with its “nationalizations”, governments like the Spanish are beginning to wonder on current relations. It is no wonder that current president gives another outburst, he said to the media that if the Spanish government enforces a rupture on diplomatic relations, he will continue the relationships he has with the social sectors of Spain…????!!!

Maybe that reply reflects that he has no respect of any Nation, he just conceives to build his power, lining on the territory that used to be the Inca’s empire, failing to understand that he, as an Aymara had very little to do or have as a heritage that empire… pathetic incoherences but true. This is what to expect if Bolivian continues or allows this person to remain in government.

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