Tarija workers’ union rejects intend of current president to seek re-re-election!

It is inconceivable that current Bolivian president seeks to continue in government. He and his acolytes have played with the constitution, erased the Republic and began a “pluri-national State”. Typical behavior of those who believe they own our country… well, the workers of Tarija are among the first to deny that atrocity!

From ANF and El Deber:

The Tarija COD rejects re-election of President Morales

2013-02-19 02.06.45 pmThe Executive Secretary of the Central Obrera Departamental (COD) of Tarija, Rubén Ramallo, reported that workers in that Department rejected the re-election of President Evo Morales, as they consider he fulfilled two consecutive terms (2006-2010, 2010-2015) periods, by which a third re-election is considered unconstitutional. [let alone incapable of creating long term sustainable employment; or incapacity to fight against narcotrafficking and prevent on the increase of illegal hectares of coca; or absolute incapacity to fight corruption among its political acolytes, at all levels; or prevent smuggling; or fight against illegal violent takeover of lands and mines. In sum, there is only the circumstance that they arrived at a time when loan condonation has taken place and extremely high prices over our minerals and natural gas, nothing else, nothing more]

Ramallo said that the working class of the country is disappointed by the scaffolding of the Morales Government, because despite having managed more than $50 billion dollars in the past seven years, product of the nationalization of hydrocarbons, there continues to have extreme poverty in the country, the high rate of unemployment, poor health service; lack of access to basic services in rural areas and low wages.

“You have to respect the Constitution, as we respect our Constitution, if the President has been elected two consecutive efforts as the political Constitution of the State (CPE), says he has to take a step to the side, I think that he doesn’t have to be so ambitious to want to continue in the Government,” said the Union leader, who lamented the egotistical policy that manages the State apparatus.

According to the representative of the COD, it has been for long time that the working-class ceased to trust in the management of the MAS and President Morales, because they would have not responded to the demands of the labor sector in the country, did not reduce levels of corruption in public administration and despite its policies, smuggling continues in the large popular malls in the nine departments of the country.


President Evo Morales said Monday that he is enabled for a re-election in the elections in 2014, as this would be his first tenure as President, according to its interpretation of the provisions of the political Constitution of the State in this regard. [semantics? blunt-out lies? anything serves to perpetuate in power, remember what happened to Fujimori, as he fought hard for a third term, like this one is trying… to say that there are no links from the Republic to this State is just a small sample of how he regards our nationality and citizenship]

The President said that the inquiry which made the Senate to the Constitutional Court about his re-election is not necessary and “it is not needed”.

“In my opinion, the query is not needed, I am not a lawyer, I’m not an attorney, I’m not constitutionalist and that is why over several times I said that if I wanted to go to the re-election I don’t need any consultation or referendum as they pose some”, said. [sure… he is also known to say he just does things and let lawyers fix it, as if justice and laws are minutia for his desires…]



The following link is from an article in Spanish from Pagina Siete that recalls the time the MAS said this president was not going to seek to stay in power… well, you can see that this type of politicians should NOT be trusted. They’ll do whatever is in their hands, or will manipulate, reinterpret anything just to fit their egocentric needs…


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