Bolivian government demeans Catholic religion

Another incongruence from current government… for so long they attacked the Catholic Religion, badmouthing our Cardinal and Bishops; however when there is time on an important religious event, they don’t hesitate to attend mass and get in the photos… sorry behavior of these type of politicians.

Carlos Cordero writes for El Deber:

Inter-religion muddles

Carlos CorderoThe serenity and prudence that characterizes to the Bishops of the Catholic Church, as well as their fidelity that profess to the tenets of the Gospel, prevents them from responding publicly and in the same tone, to the permanent aggressions and distortions that the President of the plurinational State made on various issues that are part of the religious and spiritual life.

The latest provocation is the alleged ban that Catholic bishops may have issued to the so-called “base” priests so that they do not attend and do not participate in Interfaith ceremonies convened and organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in departmental festivities or civic dates.

Mr President: Catholics and priests do not attend such interfaith events by decorum and are respectful of the political Constitution of the existing State. This constitutional text says clearly that the State is independent of religion. Therefore, it cannot be the Chancellery to plan, organize, convene, coordinate and run interfaith events. [why do they have to mess with anyone’s religion? certainly because of the electoral votes they need and that these politicians are beginning to understand people’s beliefs and religion spirit; which are in sharp contrast to the political views and intent of current people in power; these individuals have proclaimed their government as socialist, communist, indigenous, anti-American, anti-capitalist but aside of the speech their behavior is far different. The way they handle, promote and protect the coca growing is nothing but plain OLD capitalism, where a cartel is protected and smuggling encouraged]

Any manifestation of religious, spiritual, cultural – like an offer of a ritual table, make a ‘wilancha’ or ‘challar’ a property – falls within the rights, taste and the scope of decisions of a private society. It is not relevant or conformed to the Constitution that the State participates in ceremonies of the Catholic or Evangelical, churches or in rituals of East or ethnic groups in the West. These acts are private.

In the recent past the State organized religious ceremonies because it was a confessional State and thus set out the epoch’s Constitution. Independence between State and society, in the field of religious and spiritual life, is dutifully declared in the fourth article of the CPE existing and accepted by society. [and lets not forget, imposed by force, with death people in Chuquisaca, of the existing political party in power]

Catholics attend the temples, spaces devoted to our faith, anytime and especially Sunday to pray and celebrate all kind of events related to our daily life, baptizing our children, marriages, to say goodbye to our friends or family, and other expressions of gratitude to God. Not can the State force us to attend Interfaith muddles because they are a violation of our privacy and our right to decide where to pray, who to thank, who to pray with and how to do it. Interfaith ceremonies are simply tasteless, poorly organized, impromptu, illegal and invented

Political scientist

Current government is going very far, has little respect to our faith, private property and right for justice.

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