Bolivian social decomposition

Mamfredo Kempff describes our loss of freedom, justice; from El Diario:

Social decomposition

Manfredo KempffIt is not the first time that we are referring to this topic nor will it be the last, unfortunately. What has many consequences in our society, ignoring it is impossible. The country has lost its bearings for many decades, and this has been exacerbated in recent years, to produce a relaxation in the customs, a behavioral change in the population, which is resulting in a mess that we do not know how to stop.

Having a weaken justice and that have been politicized inconceivably, has opened the doors to some sectors, that are protected by the Government of their own. The “landless”, “homeless”, overbearing of mines [violent takeovers], shippers, growers, teachers, public health, retailers, smugglers, require what the Government offers to them, but cannot give them and then, each Guild, each Union is mobilized in protest. Woe to the mobilizations. Woe to the mobilized “stops” [strikers]. In essence what it is about is that these sectors, rather than demonstrate their power to the Government, make to citizens and the news media, because it is more useful to them. The Government knows the power of the so-called social movements, knowing how far they can reach, because it sustains many, encourages them and then holds [their demands, that is current government uses them while the rest of the population have to endure strikes, blockades, coercion at its best]. Plaintiffs of the “live well” [slogan of current government] won’t impress the current rulers, their mentors, tanned in blockades, marches, strikes, hunger, whippings in the street and by throwing rocks [to anyone opposing their will, in sum violent anarchy of a few against Bolivian society].

However, they affect the mood of ordinary people, of those who work for a better life, who are impressed by the news. And certainly the media can do that, inform about the disorders that occur daily in our fields and cities because it is their duty and their obligation, leaving a feeling of enormous unrest and instability. The things that can be heard, seen and read, cause fear and anxiety in the population.

But all of the above, which has political motives, responding to claims that they were offered by the MAS, is only part of the problem. It is, undoubtedly, a bad signal is given to the country and that has ramifications that are dangerous. Bolivia, like some other Nations with populist regimes, is directing, every year which passes by, to the total lack of authority of the State, to an incredible permissiveness with disgruntled, to comply with any request that comes from those who may be useful to the Government with their support, either at the street or electoral.

In these circumstances is where is strengthened and common crime puts down deep roots. Before the permissiveness with the guilds and unions, to tolerance with coca growers and cooperatives, smugglers and people “without land”, the rest, believe to have the right to demand whatever they want without giving back to society with some sacrifice, as it should be. Then, the nation’s face looks chaotic, when it runs to passers-by in the streets, steals, is violated, is done business with drug trafficking, is kidnapped and killed.

The plurinational State has lost all respect. Given that we are equal now – as if we had not been before – many have believed that equally a poor can rob a rich without the minor qualms; a driver get to shoving from vehicle a passenger; a ‘caserita’ [market vendor] who hits with broom to a guard who watches over the correct weight of her product sale; a young man beating up an old man who blocked the path of his vehicle; a group of misfits block roads, asking to release from jail some offenders; others take municipalities or State offices to remove authorities; and delirious abusive pummel any woman or mistreat her up to put her to death. The latter, of feminicide, not seen before as so brutal in Bolivia.

Media reporting naturally daily misfortunes without seeing an improvement in the behavior of those who are living, as normal, in a society less than sick. Today’s youth, which has no knowledge of the past, believes in the preaching that the world ends where their sight ends; that Bolivia belongs to them; before there was not anything good; they recovered it from a few usurpers, and will let their personal imprint, which comes not precisely from institutes or universities but from the slums.

Political discourse, the demand and the false claim, have become, sadly, the only reason that is known by the new generations or most of them. This new Bolivia man believes he deserves everything and if they don’t get it, they are determined to seize it by force. Hence this complicated time that touches us to live, times of anxiety and concern, because violence is becoming the only existing law and those who exercise it, become owners and masters of the situation.

Manfredo’s analysis is a true reflection of what Bolivians need to endure thanks to the existing government. Someone who only thinks on re-re-election as it would be the third time the Republic or State of Bolivia would have the same person running… sad and frustrating times for our youth Bolivians.

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