Necessary evil? well… now, Bolivia offers divorce processes on-line

It is sad when a couple takes the route of a divorce, children suffer and most of the time, the immediate family, best friends of the couple, have to clean their wounds over a long, long period of time. Whenever, there is no more chance but to divorce, it can become messy and painful, luckily in Bolivia, there is this new option…

Mariela Laura reports for La Prensa:

Procedures can be followed through SMS and chat

Easy divorce, a virtual choice

2013-01-21 08.50.10 amProcesses last between three and six months, without the need to appear before a court or meet with the former spouse.

“Divorce easy, quick and without red tape”, thus indicates the offer of several lawyers who offered their legal services, through local print media and electronic sites, and which are aimed to facilitate the legal separation of marriage, at the request of one or the other spouse.

Varied offerings that appear on the internet and newspapers promise agile formalities and without interested parties having to appear before the courts, avoiding, thus, unnecessary friction between them.

In La Paz, the digital portal is the first site that uses the legal information into a simple and easy process for its customers, who gives them the possibility to make their procedures via on-line tracking, from the comfort of their home or office, without having to physically attend the via-crucis of the divorce.

According to the website, the digital structure was created at the initiative of the law firm “Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados”, therefore, their functions are developed at the national level.

The process. According to the data obtained, legal separation proceedings are followed by internet, since the client must assign a power of attorney to the lawyer and this happens with progress reports and the annulment of marriage, with the sentence/ruling included, through the website, since each client has a password to enter the site and monitor his/her case. Most of the processes is resolved between three and six months.

According to lawyer Nelly García, specialist in quick divorces, to accelerate a legal separation, it is best that the couple agreed the dissolution of their marriage. “The process is more agile and cost is cheaper. The only thing that must be submitted is the original marriage certificate, and if there are children, must bring their birth certificates. Already, it is not necessary to wait two years”.

The expert points out that this system also favors emigrants.

Divorces. Every day, in Bolivia, there are officially recorded an average of 16 divorces, according to a study by the Coordinadora de la Mujer [women’s coordinator office].

The document reveals that, according to the civic registry (Sereci) service, only in 2011. there were 5,887 divorces that were recorded throughout the country, being the departments with largest number of records La Paz, with 1,553 cases; Santa Cruz, 1,407, and Cochabamba, with 1,383.

In the past five years, between 2007 and 2011, 30,832 divorces were recorded in this instance, the greater part of them corresponded to Santa Cruz, with 27 percent; La Paz, 24 percent, and Cochabamba, 23 percent.

The same document estimated that at least half of marriages ends in divorce due to causes such as infidelity and verbal, and physical abuse among others.

8 courts of the “Partido de Familia” [party of family] serve processes of divorce and dissolution of marriage in the city of La Paz.

The majority of divorces are not registered. According to the Sereci, a large proportion of divorces are not registered, which facilitates people, mainly men, to have two or more families simultaneously. For example, in La Paz, in 2011, the Party of family courts received 2,635 new demands of divorce, and there was an average of 153 divorce sentences a week, this being the Department with the highest index, followed by Santa Cruz.

DIVORCE-online policies

support provides specialists in family law and psychological help for those looking for the dissolution of their marriage.

On-line consultations

Doubts or queries that would have about the process, can be acquitted through e-mail, SMS, chat and telephone.


Lawyers charge fees vary, according to every Department in the country. For example, in La Paz is Bs 5,000, in Cochabamba, Bs4,000, and Pando, Bs2,000.

Sad reality for many, what I tried to offer was an alternative; people… PLS try to be happy and make happy your significant other? society will thank you!

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