Bolivian Gabriela Flores (Kirah Design) wins a Cartier award!!!

This is great and proud news for this Sunday! After the violence in Challapata, San German and stupid and useless remarks from current president to the US, this is certainly what we need!

Pagina Siete reports:

Gabriela Flores received a statuette and $20,000

A Bolivian won the Cartier Award between thousand entrepreneurs

INITIATIVE she founded the Kirah Design company to develop recycled material and high quality accessories.

Bolivian Gabriela Flores won the women’s Cartier (Cartier Women’s Initiative Award) for the region of Latin America in a contest involving 1,000 women entrepreneurs in 15 countries around the world.

Flores, who is the Manager of the company Kirah Design, in Santa Cruz, received a figurine, $20,000 to invest in the business and a year of custom workout with a marketing and finance specialist company, reported the website of Cartier.

She will also need training in the Insead French Business School and the opportunity to open markets in several countries.

Cartier is a French factory of watches and jewels, founded in 1847.

The names of the awardees in 2012 were announced yesterday at the annual meeting of the women’s Forum in Deauville, France. Gabriela Flores was the first to receive the trophy, followed by Ting Tzu, North America; Cécile Real, Europe; Iba Masood’s Middle East and North Africa; Julienne Ingabire and Elizabeth Scharpf, of sub-Saharan Africa; and, finally, Lianna Gunawan, Asia-Pacific.

The award recognizes entrepreneurial initiatives by women. It seeks to identify and support the work of women entrepreneurs through funding and training, promote entrepreneurship and create an international network of women entrepreneurs. Since its creation, in 2006, has accompanied more than 75 women in their business activities.

Kirah Design is a company specialized in handicrafts with innovative designs and high quality standards, offering job opportunities to artisans and complies with aspects of social responsibility and commitment to the environment.

Although her specialty is decorative and functional accessories made of scrap certified wood , also creates pieces with recycled glass, pewter and fabrics with natural dyes, all made by hand.

Wood products are made in Santa Cruz; glass recycled in Cochabamba; textiles in Sucre, Potosi and El Alto; and the pewter in La Paz. Soon will be included, in this last Department, llama and cow leather products.

“We are not marketers.” “We engage in the process, from the delivery of raw material to the final purchase of the product,” said Flores, whose company trained 700 artisans responsible for the finishing of each piece in the Kirah, Master Workshop, until reaching an optimum level of quality.

Gabriela Flores, who was born in Santa Cruz and is 39 years old, said the award fills her with pride.

Lets welcome Gabriela Flores (Kirah Design) to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!!

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